True Black Ephemere White Deck
True Black Ephemere White Deck

True Black Ephemere White Deck

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The spiritual successor and counterpart to True Black Tarot, a luxurious white and gold deck of 78 hand painted and foil stamped cards.

Ephemere reimagines the classic Fool’s Journey to present a new odyssey inspired by literary classics and ancient mythologies. Known as the Hero’s Journey, this story tells a timeless tale of humble origins to inspiring moments, heartbreaking defeat to lifelong lessons, and triumphant victories that build an enduring legacy. Combined with classic Rider-Waite-Smith minor arcana, this full set of 80 cards presents a story that is both familiar and refreshing, intuitively relatable and timelessly relevant.

One Ephemere deck contains:

  • 80 cards on 16pt nonreflective matte stock (more flexible compared to TrueBlack)

  • Magnetic book-style box

  • Guide booklet

  • Standard tarot size, 2.75”x4.75”

The major arcana cards have been reimagined as a "Hero's Journey" in place of the classic "Fool's Journey". Countless historic, ancient, and modern epics follow a curiously universal structure sometimes called the “Hero’s Journey.” Ephemere tells this timeless story of our willpower, struggles, failures, and how we pick up the pieces to continue onwards. Most reimagined major arcana cards retain strong parallels to traditional Rider Waite-Smith counterparts, though some will seem completely new. These reimagined majors are:

  • Origin, Dream, Summon

  • Fighter, Alchemist, Keeper

  • Voyager, Dulcess, Nemesis

  • Obscurio, Burn, Healer

  • Seeker, Counterpoint (m/f), (m/m), (f/f)

  • Defiance, Crescendo

  • Victor, Sacrifice, Ovation

  • Death, Legacy, Continuum

The booklet, co-written by Mat Auryn and Arthur Wang, will detail the similarities and differences between these new cards and the traditional RWS majors, as well as diving into the expanded storyline of the Hero’s Journey. The Minor Arcana cards still follow traditional Rider Waite-Smith symbolism and the classic 4 suits.

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