Spiritual Conversation -  30mins (Ange)
Spiritual Conversation -  30mins (Ange)

Spiritual Conversation - 30mins (Ange)

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I come from a long line of Seer's / Wicca / Pagan Masters and have always had the ability to know.  I use Tarot, Oracle, Intuition, and other divinations to safely connect with the other side. Creating the bridge between the realms is what I do when I communicate with loved ones.  That bridge can be in the form of being able to hear, feel, and even see those who now present as energy. 

Just like our mortal conversations, dialogue with the spirit realm can range from very profound to very general.  Just like our day-to-day conversations, spirits won't always offer specifics or say what you want to hear, I often won't retain what information is passed in the Spiritual Conversations and it may not resonate immediately with you. 

I do general reading unless you have a specific topic in mind and I won't read for 'others', only those that have given permission to be read. My spirit guides provide me with the messages and guidance that come through on my readings.

Our conversations provide general guidance, you will always have the choice and free will.

Blessed Be

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