Spiritual Conversation - Mediumship & Psychic - 20 mins Nicky

Spiritual Conversation - Mediumship & Psychic - 20 mins Nicky

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Nicky works as a Psychic and a Medium, she is a Healer and Animal Communicator bringing your loved ones through from Spirit with messages of love, hope, inspiration and healing. She is able to provide guidance on current situations through her connection with spirit.
She also loves talking to animals to help people better understand their pets.
Nicky loves doing live demonstrations with audiences across Australia. Many people get healings from these sessions, even when she doesn't directly connect with them as there is always a message for everyone.
Nicky loves teaching and mentoring too as this helps aspiring mediums, psychics and animal communicators to open, explore and harness their gifts to the world.

Our conversations provide general guidance, you will always have the choice and free will.

Blessed Be

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