Astrology Natal Charts & Solar Return - 1 hour Sashra

Astrology Natal Charts & Solar Return - 1 hour Sashra

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Sashra is a Mystic an Alchemical Healer, who offers Intuitive Astrology, Tarot / Oracle readings, Chakra Guidance and Path Finder to those who seek.

Sashra States:

'I listen, I scribe, I interpret the visions that flow form the inner consciousness.
We journey deeper into awakening your mind, body and soul into the limitless possibilities of your spirit - looking at and addressing whatever arises during the reading.'

Sashra's appointments are very detailed as she takes the time to support your journey, so you are able to realise, release, transform and integrate patterns that inhibit your spiritual growth.

The spiritual tools Sashra draws upons include:

Astrology Charts
Esoteric Astrology
Charkra Alignments
Medical Intuition
Tarot / Oracle Readings

Our conversations provide general guidance, you will always have the choice and free will.

Blessed Be

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